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Initially, we got our first Samoyed dog as a pet, we soon fall in love with this sweet and lovely breed, and we got fascinated by its beautiful appearance and amazing personality. 

We would like more people to see this breed and carry it forward. We mainly focus on breeding British bloodlines(mostly come from European) which are rare in North America. Compared to the American bloodline, the British bloodline is usually more gorgeous and the size is smaller, in contrast, the American bloodline shows a mighty body frame, they are largely identical but with minor differences.

As we decided to be a Samoyed breeder, we started looking for a suitable place as we want to give our boys and girl a comfortable and wide space. Then we moved to the countryside from the big city, and we are now in acreage with a size of 32 Acres of land, so my lovely 'kids' have enough space to play and run.

Our puppies grow up with so much love and care, every single puppy is being treated like a baby, we take care of them like our children to ensure they are emotionally close to humans. Therefore, all our puppies have fantastic personalities, although some are a little bit naughty. We also feed them with high-quality food after the suckling period such as Oriien, Merrick, Wellness, and Acana, mix with freeze-dried food or can. We try to increase their food diversity and ensure they have a healthy stomach.

We are aiming to raise happy and healthy puppies. We stayed with puppies all the time and took care of them meticulously. All puppies go home with a health guarantee, veterinarian check-up, first vaccinations, deworm, and will come with a starter kit containing toys and food(depending on the flight policy). All puppies will be registered with Canadian Kennel Club.

We sincerely followed the CKC breeding regulations, such as breeding age and frequency, to give our puppies a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment at most. Our sires and dams will also have a genetic test, apart from that, OFA tests are also mandatory for us. We try our best to ensure they don't have any congenital disease, although Samoyed is the breed with a long history, they rarely carry genetic defections.

We also attend the shows to ensure our breeding is in proper body frame and temperament. 

Shipping is available all over North America, buyer is responsible for all shipping costs (ask me about the details). If you would like to drive for picking up puppies, I can meet you within a 1-hour driving radius, which also means free delivery within Calgary.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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